According to the health protocol, to access discotheques and bars, it is imperative to show your
health pass which indicates one of the following three conditions:
1 – vaccination status
2 – negative test less than 48 hours
3 – certificate of reinstatement.

The reminder book is complementary to the health pass. It allows health authorities to warn
people present in the same place and in the same place in the event of a cluster.
Discotheques must put in place this paper and digital reminder book, the customer
to complement one or the other.
The digital version of the reminder book will be presented in the format of a flashable QR code
available at least at the entrance to the establishment as well as in places deemed accessible and
The customer will have to flash the QR code via the TousAntiCovid application (TAC-Signal). On the paper version,
customers will indicate their contact details, date and time of arrival.

Wearing a mask is recommended.