The restaurants and bars are reopening but to have ACCESS TO THE INTERIOR, you will have to scan a “QR code”, via the TousAntiCovid application. This is also the case for gyms  …
You have to register on a reminder book so that you can be contacted in the event of contamination.

-> Two “identification” ways:
– Either the customer indicates his name and contact details on a sheet provided for this purpose and made available by the establishment.
– Either via the digital version, everything happens on his smartphone via TousAntiCovid. Once in the application, you will have to go to the “reminder book” category, click on “scan a QR code location”, then take a photo of the establishment’s QR code. Once scanned, the application will consider that the user is present for two hours in the establishment.

You must download the TousAntiCovid application. It will then suffice to bring the camera close to the “QR code” (a kind of bar code) displayed in the establishment.
“The identifier is encrypted and the QR code is not linked to a location,” the government said. If a person is contagious, others present at the same time receive an orange notification on their smartphones, recommending that they be tested. Or red, if several people are positive.
To download the Application: